The abbreviation PERKEMAS is Malay for The Singaporean Students Welfare Assembly in Cairo, Egypt.

Foundations of Establishment

Al-Quran, Prophetic Traditions, Scholastic Concensus (Al-Ijma), Evident Analogy (Al-Qiyas)


PERKEMAS was founded on the 26th of December 1969 with aims to cater to the well-being of the Singaporean students residing in Egypt.


To develop a Muslim Students Assembly with leadership qualities and a thorough awareness of contemporary issues in order to play an important role in leading with the challenges faced by the Muslim community in Singapore.


1. To create unity amongst the Singaporean students in Egypt and serve as a platform to stay connected with other students organisations in Egypt.

2. To assist prospective students in the admission procedures of selected institutions.

3. To organise educational and valuable programs for the students with hope that they will emerge as dynamic Muslim leaders.


Property Purchase of the PERKEMAS Clubhouse

Dated 27th of April 1991, in cooperation with the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) and the Singaporean Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, PERKEMAS bought two apartments, with the monetary sponsorship of the Singaporean Muslim community. The former is now the primary centre for PERKEMAS’ dynamics and a rendezvous for its members residing in Egypt.

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