Beit Hikmah




As a unit that aims to promote Al-Azhar via PERKEMAS, and since the latter is the bridge between Al-Azhar & Singapore, Public Relations view that to market Al-Azhar, it needs to first market PERKEMAS. Knowingly, any effective marketing and promoting require a good product with a good branding. The products of PERKEMAS need to be of a certain quality – world-class quality.

If PERKEMAS is to continue this high quality product(s), and for this product(s) to be sustainable, it needs a goal, a long term goal. In this premise, Public Relations 2013/2014 initiated the goal – Beit Hikmah.


The House of Wisdom (Arabic:بيت الحكمة Bayt al-Hikmah) was a library, translation institute and research center established in Abbasid-era Baghdad, Iraq. It was a key institution in the Translation Movement and is considered to have been a major intellectual hub during the Islamic Golden Age. The House of Wisdom was founded by Caliph Harun al-Rashid and culminated under his son al-Ma’mun, who reigned from 813 to 833 and is credited with its institution.


Beit Hikmah is a substitution of MUIS’ 4YP Plan as PERKEMAS’ long term goal and future aspirations. While it has represented the acme of Islamic civillisation & history, Beit Hikmah will be PERKEMAS’ idealistic state which all units work cohesively annually to reach. Each key *historical components of Beit Hikmah will be represented by every units within PERKEMAS. This will consequently begets a sense of unity within PERKEMAS, a sense of direction for all of its future dynamics and a long term ideal goal which will distinguish it from other student unions globally. Beit Hikmah will represent a new era for PERKEMAS.


1. Library

2. Translation
3. Economic Support (from the Caliph) for Beit Hikmah’s Dynamics

4. Intellectual Centre

5. Public Service (Contributions towards Community)
6. Research
7. Building Maintenance
8. Material Providers


Respective units representation of Beit Hikmah:

1. Library – Library Unit
2. Translation – Public Relations
3. Economic Support – Economic Unit
4. Intellectual Centre – Tarbiyah Unit
5. Public Service – Dakwah Unit
6. Research – Research Unit
7. Building Maintenance – Kebajikan Unit
8. Material Providers – Kebajikan Unit & Multimedia Unit

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