Economic Unit

econ logs



An unit that helps funding PERKEMAS through practicing entrepreneurship methods and skills by the members.


1. To gain more experience and learn different ways in entrepreneurship. 
2. To enhance entrepreneurship skills in every member 
3. Strive to improve perkemas‘ economy to the better 
4.  To support Islamic countries by selling their products etc.

Job Scopes:


1.Mini Bazaar
To sell and to market the exotic asian delicacies that are rare to be found in Egypt. Mini Bazaar aims to fulfill the cravings and desires of fellow Singaporean students at an affordable price which will be held during perkemas events.
(Amal and Flea)
To nurture sense of unity and responsibility of Perkemas members. To promote the awareness of volunteerism and the practice of benevolent through having abundant meal with the rest. A&F is an initiative to raise funds for Perkemas and at the same time, to assist the poor and needy.

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