Humanitarian Unit



Humanitarian Unit, is a newly formed Unit that PERKEMAS initiated this year in conjunction with its theme, Islah:Reform. It aims to aid to the needy in a humanitarian effort.


Its objectives focus more on serving a platform for Singaporean students to give back to the Egyptian Community. It also focuses on providing students a platform to learn how to work with other organisations. As stated in our Logo, “Humans Help”, we hope our students will learn that only by helping others, only by lending a hand will we become a better human.


 Orphanage Fundraising Project

 Interactive Activities with the orphans

 Cash Donations/ Staple Foods/ Foods


This 15th April, PERKEMAS will do Orphanage Visit to 3 orphanages which we aim to interact with the kids and also share some happiness and love with them. Not only that, donations including staple foods and also cash will be distributed to them. InshaAllah.

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