Library Unit

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A unit that manages the the Singaporean Students’ clubhouse’s library, ranging from organizing books to borrowing system.For this session (2015/16), The Library Unit which consist of 10 Members of PERKEMAS decided that our slogan for this year is “”تحقيق فلسفة تعليم الأزهري بين التراث والواقع or Reviving the sacred knowledge, Living the Honourable Legacy.

Our Objective: 

1) To encourage PERKEMAS MEMBERS to read books.

2) To make awareness of the importance of heritage book (Turath) in the modern world with contemporary issues.

Our Job Scopes: 

1) To manage the Singaporean Students’ Clubhouse’s Library (Borrowing , Organizing , Labelling , ETC)

2) To provide book catalogues for the Library.

3) To buy reference books for the convenience of PERKEMAS Members.

Our Events: 

1) Let’s Bookemas (13 Feb-20 Feb)

To ensure that every book is arranged according to its categories, to take note of all the books and provide book-tagging to the newly-bought books in this session.

2) Kunuz who knows (26 Feb-8 Apr)

 An activity that runs through out this session which will introduce members to books which they get theirs hands on in the library and a brief introduction about their authors and also to introduce to members the contemporary scholars

3) Read n Rich (26 Feb-8 Apr)

A quiz which is set up by the unit members every 2 weeks, where members will be allowed to look for the answers in the books which can be found in the Perkemas library. It is is to encourage members to read up and gain benefits from it.

4) Event: You’re my Flashlight (28 Mar)

The Library Unit has invited the renown Sheikh Fahmi Abdul Qawiy, secretary of Dar al-Ifta’, Egypt, to the Perkemas clubhouse to deliver a lecture on: “أهمية تحقيق فلسفة التعليم الأزهري بين التراث والواقع”

 Which is: “The Importance of the methodology  of the al-Azhar in relevance to the old heritage teachings (teachings of the past scholars) to practice it in this era.

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