Multimedia Unit



The Multimedia Unit acts as a medium to portray PERKEMAS to the masses,it handles technical maintenance as well as public relations.


We train the members with tech savvy skills to implement in these rapid growing technological advancements.


  • Maintaining and updating the website of PERKEMAS
  • Upload photos of events and give a brief event coverage
  • Provide live event update and promote activities through the means of Instagram
  • Post beneficial and informative videos on YouTube


Vector Graphic Design :

The members were taught to utilize inkscape,vector graphic freeware.they were taught how to design logos,posters and freehand drawing.We aim to educate members on the basics of designing to keep up with the uprising needs of multi-talented industry.

Creative Arts Competition :

a competition was organized to promote creativity among the members of PERKEMAS. Members are free to submit any kind of creative contributions within a specific theme;Reforming Yourselves.

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