The Sukan interest committee aims to promote a healthy lifestyle among the members of PERKEMAS through organising sports events where they can not only get fit, but also socialise among one another while having fun at it! From Sudoku tournaments, to Dodgeball and Futsal games, they got our People of PERKEMAS covered!

Hence, it is no wonder that it falls under the Welfare unit, as it maintains the physical well-being among the POP.


The Maktabah interest committee ensures the maintenance of the clubhouse’s very own library of many titles from the various fields of knowledge, especially regarding Fiqh, ‘Aqidah and Lughah. Apart from that, they also manage the book borrowing catalogue system, curate occasional tours around the annual Cairo International Book Fair, and provide useful tips regarding book purchasing and many more!

Follow their Instagram account @bibliotheca.perkemas for their useful pointers around book-finding and more of their content ideas!


The Kebajikan interest committee is a hardworking team, and that; in itself, is an understatement. This committee strives to ensure the maintenance of PERKEMAS’ clubhouse and its facilities so as to facilitate the many, many events that are to be conducted there. Their work doesn’t stop there though, because oftentimes they will be going around assisting the programmers from other committees with event setup and preparation before event day. 


The Fasl Awwal interest committee assists the new Year 1 undergraduates with getting to know the format of the university’s examination papers, and the right manner that they have to be completed accordingly. They will usually cover theory-wise first, and then the students will have a hands-on practice to try answering a mock paper.

Ask them about the terms ‘roqm julus’ and ‘mustajid’, because they probably got your answers at their pen tips! (fingertips!)


‘Eid-ul Fithr is a joyous day, and what better way to celebrate it abroad, other than with our fellow People of PERKEMAS (POP)! 

The Raya interest committee carefully plans all there is about ‘Eid celebrations, from lauk raya feasts to Salam Dunia performances, so that every ‘Eid celebration, is one to be remembered.


The Rehlah interest committee are experts when it comes to curating a trip itinerary packed with smiles! From Matrouh and Siwa, to Dahab and Sinai, they bring our POP to places within Egypt, to not only spend their winter vacation per se, but to explore Egypt’s beautiful landmarks and more importantly, to ponder upon Allah’s creations while creating precious new memories together.