Our Voices is an online magazine published by The Singapore Students Welfare Assembly in Cairo (PERKEMAS). It is an initiative to provide our members with a platform to voice out on issues pertinent to our Islamic sciences industry. It aims to give back to the global muslim community generally and the Singaporeans muslims specifically. While its literary contents cover issues like Islamic history, Islamic Jurisprudence, Philosophy and global political events, it also provides a platform for our members to showcase their non-literary talents such as photography & Islamic calligraphy etc.

Newsletter – Her Story Issue [April 2016]

Newsletter – Voyage Issue [March 2016]

Magazine – Ignorance Issue [April 2014]

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Magazine – The Al-Azhar Issue [2013]

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Newsletter 2 [April 2013]

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Newsletter 1 [February 2013]

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E Magazine AlAzhar Issue (gigabyte)

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