Research Unit



Research Unit is a unit consisting of 10 members of PERKEMAS who aim to provide a platform for other members of PERKEMAS to express their thoughts, views on general issues and also their talents through writings and other forms of expressionism.

Research Unit also hopes that it can serves as an upfront of PERKEMAS, showcasting Azharis as strong, ambitious and intellectually able individuals.

Recently, Research Unit has publicized OUR VOICES – an online magazine consisting works from our very own Azharis.

You can take a look at OUR VOICES at:

Our Voices is an online magazine published by The Singapore Students Welfare Assembly in Cairo (PERKEMAS). It is an initiative to provide our members with a platform to voice out on issues pertinent to our Islamic sciences industry. It aims to give back to the global Muslim community generally and the Singaporeans Muslims specifically. While its literary contents cover issues like Islamic history, Islamic Jurisprudence, Philosophy and global political events, it also provides a platform for our members to showcase their artistic talents such as photography, Islamic calligraphy and poetry.


  • To promote awareness and revive the culture of researching and writing educational materials in our graduates.
  • To sharpen our members’ ability to think critically through discussion-based programs.
  • To highlight the works from our graduates and create a platform for them to present the conclusions from the discussions and research held through our newsletters.
  • To expand our members’ thinking and awareness towards the current issues that are now happening in the world,generally and specifically in Singapore.
  • To highlight to the society the abilities, talents and potentials of Al-Azhar graduates in various fields.


  • To organize discussion-based programs.
  • To create a platform to present conclusions from discussions and research materials.
  • To enrich the members of PERKEMAS with research methodologies.
  • To create awareness towards the current issues that are happening in the world.



The members of the research team will bring forward current topics and issues through actions and interactive dramas or in the form of panelists.The audience will then be able to voice out their opinions and views regarding those issues and discuss it among themselves.


Year 4 students from different majors and faculties will be given time to present any form of research or any interesting topic that they have learnt throughout their years in Al-Azhar University.


For this session, Research Unit has decided to issue three newsletters of different themes but at the same time, all the themes and topics will be inter-connected with this year’s objective; ‘Al-Islah’. This time we will not only portray works from Al-Azhar students but we will also include writing materials and articles done by those studying in different institutions.


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