Sports Unit




SUKAN is an annual event held every academic year for Singaporean students studying in Egypt, to promote an active and healthier lifestyle. With the theme ‘Almusawa’ or Equality, we aim to create an interest in leading a healthy lifestyle through sports recreations. 


-To strengthen the bond between the People of Perkemas through sports.

-To implement the awareness of helping others in teams.

– Learn to respect others and valuing other people’s hardship.


United we stand, Divided we fall


This year, apart from our all-time favorites – football,dodgeballl,futsal, badminton, frisbee, netball and bowling – we will be having weekly sessions ( Wing Chun & Cardio Burn ) to give members a head start towards a more active way of life.

We also have indoor games – checkers, congkak, dart, sudoku & carom etc. – to give each member a chance to be part of this memorable event!

Weekly Video Posting @FB PERKEMAS 

Spreading tips and better guides to the people of Perkemas about healthy lifestyle and to gain their attention about the importance of taking care of their health and balance towards sports and recreations. We will also be explaining about the rules games that had been commenced in one of the video posting.

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