Taalim Unit




Ta’lim Unit (Education Department)  guides the PERKEMAS members to learn and seek knowledge outside the classroom. Knowledge that is useful and thought provoking, it strikes an awe to those who appreciate it and knows its importance.


Taalim unit has decided to overcome areas that are lacking in the muslim community today specifically Singaporean Islamic students by reforming their knowledge (or lack of) historically, linguistically, and socially. 


To instill members with general knowledge and hold beneficial events to equip members with relevant information.


1) Cer Jawab

Members of perkemas tackled relevant and contemporary issues that are commonly challenged by the Singapore community specifically non-muslims towards muslims. This event aimed to better equip members with suitable responses while providing them with a handful of research tools and resources to overcome and tackle these issues in a form of problem-based learning.

2) Lai Lai

Taalim unit has decided to give members of Perkemas the opportunity to pick up a new language not foreign to Singaporeans. This event is a 3-session language course on basic conversational Mandarin. Members of Perkemas had the privilege to learn directly from a guest from China as the course trainer.

3) Flight L550

Aimed to equip members with knowledge on Islamic History, Taalim Unit brought members on a journey back in time to briefly relive the Golden Ages in different parts of the world specifically the Middle East, Andalusia, North/Western Africa and Southeast Asia. Members of Perkemas experienced an interactive lesson on Islamic History which focused on 3 main aspects: how Islam propagated that certain region, what have Islam brought and reformed there, and the fall of Islam supremacy. To better engage members, this event was held in the concept of “travelling” throughout the Perkemas Clubhouse that was divided into the 4 mentioned regions.

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