Tanmiyah Unit




Tanmiyyah unit is a unit targeting self-development in members.

Our Objectives:

The unit’s objective is to instill & improve skills of different aspects in an individual to become a better person in times to come.
These skills are:  Life skills , Professionalism & Spirituality

Our Jobscope:

Organizing self-development events for PERKEMAS members.

Our Events:

1. “S.O.S”

Our first event aims to equip participants with some basic life skills knowledge.
It is divided into:

 1.Handyman; which taught members basic knowledge of:
Plumbing - Wiring - Carpentering

2.First-aid; which equips participants with basic first aid skills upon handling emergency situations such as heat stroke, fire safety etc.

3.Self-defense; which aims to develop primary defending skills within participants in unexpected encounters.

2. “I’m not so stupid”

Our second event aims to boost our fellow PERKEMAS members’ confidence and to prepare themselves for working life. It will be guided by our very own student liaison officer, Ustaz Taufiq Majeed.

The main highlights are:  Reality Check - Resume Writing - Live Interviews


3. “Barzakh,Aku Datang!”

Our third and final event focuses on an individual’s spiritual needs and also some basic knowledge on funeral management.

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