Muhammad Hazman Bin Abd Aziz

President of PERKEMAS, 22/23

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

All praises be to Allah SWT for every blessing that He has showered upon us. Peace and blessings be upon him ﷺ .

Alhamdulillah for the blessing of experiencing Al-Azhar University, the hub of the Islamic sciences. We are fortunate to be able to continue the Manhaj of Al-Azhar and the tradition of previous renowned scholars who have emerged from Al-Azhar, Egypt.

We are also honoured to continue the heritage of our Singaporean Asatizah who have established PERKEMAS since the year 1969M. PERKEMAS – short for ‘Perhimpunan Kebajikan Mahasiswa Singapura di Mesir’ – is a welfare organisation that cares for the well-being of the Singaporean students studying in Egypt, by assisting them in their university admissions and providing them with the fundamental skills and relevant expertise required in Singapore.

Since then, PERKEMAS’ motto has been Belajar, Bersatu, Berbakti. (Inquisitivity, Unity, Service.) These three values have kept us grounded and guided us towards our goals throughout our journey here in Egypt.

PERKEMAS serves as a platform for the students’ development, as well as a place for them to get together through the various events and activities that are being held here. We believe that these activities strengthen the students’ sense of camaraderie as they are organised collectively by the students, for the students. 

I believe that our students have great potential to lead the future generations, by combining the knowledge they have acquired at Al-Azhar with the skills and knowledge they have experienced at PERKEMAS. It is through acquiring both traditional and modern forms of knowledge that they will be able to effectively contribute back to the community.

While we continue to serve the students today and the community in the near future, we must constantly revisit our intentions and beliefs. Moving forward requires us to firmly stand our ground while having respect for others. We hope that PERKEMAS can take inspiration from Al-Azhar, that despite the challenges, has never ceased to flourish for hundreds of years and continue to stand firm, ameen.

Belajar, Bersatu, Berbakti.