كلية أصول الدين بالقاهرة

Faculty of Islamic Theology, Cairo

This faculty specialises in the aspects of Islamic Theology and its two primary sources; the Holy Quran and the esteemed Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ , and their sciences. Not only that, students will also learn Comparative Religions (Muqaaranatul-Adyaan) and Contemporary Ideologies   (Tayyaraat Fikriyyah). This is in order to firmly grasp the true Islamic faith as transmitted by our esteemed scholars, while fortifying its teachings against doubtful ideologies and misleading teachings.

This faculty is unique such that it offers streaming in Year 3 and 4, through which a student may choose between these 4 fields, in which he will specialise in. They are;

  1. Quranic Exegesis and its Sciences (التفسيروعلوم القرآن)
  2. Prophetic Traditions and its Sciences (الحديث وعلومه)
  3. Preaching and Islamic Culture (الدعوة والثقافة الإسلامية)
  4. Beliefs & Philosophy (العقيدة والفلسفة)

And while a student may specialise in one of the 4 fields, each course of specialisation will also include subjects from the other 3 specialisations so that the student is well-equipped with knowledge from the various fields so that he may grow in knowledge, holistically.

كلية الشريعة والقانون بالقاهرة

Faculty of Shariah and Law, Cairo

This faculty specialises in Islamic Jurisprudence, which is one of the most crucial and fundamental disciplines taught at the Al-Azhar University of Cairo, Egypt.

The faculty’s curriculum is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Islamic Jurisprudence, including the history of its rulings, through theory and practice.

It also studies different fields of Islamic Thought, Quranic Exegesis, Prophetic Traditions, Islamic History, Comparative Fiqh (Al-Fiqhul-Muqaaran) and more.

The faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence is a vital part of Al-Azhar University as it plays an important role in the preservation and transmission of Islamic law.

كلية اللغة العربية بالقاهرة

Faculty of The Arabic Language, Cairo

This faculty specialises in the study of Arabic Language, from its fundamental fields like Morphology (Sorof), Syntax (Nahw), Rhetoric(Balaaghah) up to its peak of Arabic Literature and Culture, and history of Arabic prose of the Arabs from pre-Islam days all the way till the modern day.

While the faculty’s curriculum looks centered around Arabic Language, it also encompasses Islamic studies as to shape a holistic learning for the student who will one day be a leader in the Muslim community. Regardless of which faculty the student enrols in, the curriculums of Al-Azhar University will ensure each student will learn an adequate fill of the Islamic Sciences like Fiqh, Tawhid and auxiliary sciences like Nahw and Sorof.


كلية الدراسات الإسلامية والعربية بنات بالقاهرة

Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies for Ladies, Cairo

This faculty specialises in several different departments of studies that are: Islamic Theology, Islamic Jurisprudence, Arabic Language and Journalism & Media. However, the Journalism & Media course is not available for Singaporean female students.

Similarly, the Islamic Theology stated here is the same as the Ikhwah (male students) such that there is streaming in Year 3 and 4, but it only has three specialisation fields, and them being;

  1. Quranic Exegesis and its Sciences (التفسيروعلوم القرآن)
  2. Prophetic Traditions and its Sciences (الحديث وعلومه)
  3. Beliefs & Philosophy (العقيدة والفلسفة)