How to enrol in Al-Azhar University?

Every year PERKEMAS will gather graduated tertiary Madrasah students who have expressed an interest in enrolling at Al-Azhar University. They are required to submit necessary documentation to the liaison. We are committed to providing comprehensive assistance throughout the admission process. Further details and guidance will be communicated to the students.

Is there any university entrance test?

Yes, there is an entrance test called “Imtihan Al-Qobul”. Essentially, it’s an online test conducted by Markaz Tatweer to assess prospective students’ proficiency in basic Arabic Language skills. The test is generally divided into three. A listening comprehension, a written paper that contains (comprehension, mcq based questions and a short essay) & an oral conversation test. All will be conducted online in one day.

How to prepare for a university entrance test?

Constant revision is the key to success. Students are advised to revise basic Arabic Grammar (Nahu), Arabic Morphology (Sarf) and Arabic Rhetoric (Balaghah). They should also be familiar with conversing in Arabic.

When will the students be flying to Egypt?

Every year, there will be one intake and students will be flying upon completion of their university entrance test tentatively around the end of August to early September.

What is the orientation in Egypt all about?

Orientation in Egypt is a 5 days programme curated to help new students adapt to their academic environment and introduce them to life in Egypt & learning in Al-Azhar University.

Where is the PERKEMAS clubhouse located?

PERKEMAS clubhouse is located at Nasr Khesrou street, Seventh District, Nasr City. It is a hub where Singaporean students studying in Egypt will gather and conduct various activities at the clubhouse. It also serves as a common space for Singaporean students.

How is the grading system like in Al-Azhar University?

Al-Azhar University primarily relies on a 100% examination-based grading system. In an academic year, there will be two semestral examinations. Such a grading system places a significant emphasis on students’ knowledge and understanding of the course material demonstrated through their exam results.


Where do the Singaporean students live in Egypt?

Singaporean students studying in Egypt often choose to live in Hayy Sabie’ and Robaah in Nasr City , Cairo. These areas offer convenient and safe living environments and close proximity to educational institutions or amenities that cater to their needs.

What type of houses do the students live in?

Singaporean students often opt for rented apartments that offer a range of two to four rooms.

How much is the monthly rent?

Rental prices differ based on the neighbourhood and the condition of the apartment. The range is from 4000 Egyptian Pounds to 7000 Egyptian pounds equivalent to $150 SGD – $300 SGD. It’s common for students to share accommodation to help reduce individual costs.

How far is the Cairo International Airport to their place of living?

The Cairo International Airport is approximately 10 kilometres away from Nasr City. The travel time may vary depending on traffic conditions, but it typically takes around 20 minutes by car to reach the airport from Nasr City.

What is the currency in Egypt?

Egypt uses Egyptian Pounds or Geneh (LE) and $1.00 SGD is equivalent to 23.00 LE (as of September 2023)

How much is the monthly expenses in Egypt?

$250.00 SGD per month is enough to cover basic expenses such as housing rental, food and transportation. Additionally, prices can fluctuate over time, so it’s wise to stay updated on the cost of living in Egypt.

House Rental

2000 LE 


1500 LE


500 LE

School Expenses

500 LE

Personal Expenses

500 LE


5000 LE ($250) / Month

How much is the tuition fees in Al-Azhar University?

There are no tuition fees in Al-Azhar University except for admin fees that usually cost around $80.00 SGD. University lecture notes are available via PDF; however, students may wish to purchase physical notes at their campus.

Is transport and food cheap in Egypt?

The definite answer to that is: Yes! An Uber from one point to another costs around $2.00 SGD and public transportation tickets start at $0.30 cents. SGD$2 can get you a plate of traditional Egyptian spaghetti and a glass of sugarcane juice.

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