*Registration for Al-Azhar University, Kuliah Ulum Al-Islamiyah Lil Wafidin, Dirasat Ulya

  1. Refer to Facebook page (https://m.facebook.com/people/كلية-العلوم-الاسلامية-الأزهرية-للطلاب-الوافدين/100064083220821/ ) to get updates on the opening and closing dates of registration or any news such as the date for Imtihan Qabul (Entrance Exam), the first day of school and the link for the Google registration form, etc.
  2. Ask Alumni for Whatsapp group link for Kuliah Ulum Master’s new batch.

Fill in google registration form online and print the pdf copy for physical submission with other documents at the administration office later.

Photocopy and gather all the documents below in one folder:

    1. Original hardcopy of pdf Google registration form submission and 1 photocopy
    2. Original Syahadah Muqaqqotoh (Bachelor’s degree certificate*) + 3 photocopies
    3. Original Taqdir Bayanat (4 Years result) + 3 photocopies
    4. Original Khitob Safarat (LNO) + 3 photocopies 
    5. Original birth certificate with Embassy legalisation + 3 photocopies 
    6. 6 passport photocopies 
    7. 5 passport photos 6×4
    8. Extra file folder

* Result for the Bachelor’s degree cannot be below Jayyid (Good)

Go to the Kuliah Ulum Islamiyah lil-Wafidin Administration Office:
    1. Get the forms from the Administration Office
    2. Fill in all the forms + 2-5 photocopies for each filled-in form
    3. Get Dafa’ Rusum invoice from the Admin and pay Rusum (school fees) at Tansiq
    4. Once paid, put the original Rusum receipt (school fees) + 2 photocopies in the file folder
    5. Get Tahlil Dam form from the Admin Office and do the blood test at Kuliah Soidalah
    6. Once gotten the result within 1-2 days, put original blood test result + 2 photocopies in the folder
  1. Gather all documents from Steps 3 & 4 in the same file folder.
  2. Sit down with the Administrator in charge of registration at the Admin office and crosscheck all documents one-by-one to ensure all required documents are correct and complete for registration.


After submission, wait for news from the Whatsapp group/Facebook page. If your name is summoned for incomplete registration, you will need to go to the administration office to complete the missing documents.

Once school starts, attendance will be taken in class. When the official attendance list has your name on it, it means that you have been successfully registered. If your name is not on it, inform the administrator immediately to complete your registration.