The Tanmiyah interest committee value-adds to the People of Perkemas (POP) through imparting the knowledge and application of important life skills like martial arts, and basic first aid knowledge. 

What’s even more interesting is that their modes of presentation always include skits that set a relaxed learning vibe, and hands-on practice sessions led by credible professionals to ensure concrete understanding.


The Penyelidikan interest committee empowers the People of Perkemas (POP) with awareness of the contemporary issues, especially those impacting the Singaporean Muslim community and the ummah at large.

Similar to the Tanmiyah interest committee, the Penyelidikan interest committee strives to deliver their content through small practical breakout sessions, so that our POP are able to better grasp the concepts.


What better way to inculcate spiritual growth, other than striving to emulate the best of creation; Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ .

In that spirit, The Maulid interest committee organises monthly Maulid gatherings for our POP, where we commemorate Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ‘s exemplary character through his life events while also reciting our salutations upon him ﷺ .

The Maulid interest committee also diversifies the themes to our yearly grand Maulid gathering during Ramadan, and thereby creating a vibrant Maulid experience for our POP.