PERKEMAS, being a non-profit organisation, requires fundraising to run its programmes seamlessly. This is where the Ekonomi interest committee applies their expertises by innovatively expanding channels to raise funds for PERKEMAS’ programmes. This, in a way, challenges the committee to expand their networks, and publicity skills and professional growth.

Look forward to their annual bazaar runs and merchandise sale!


The Multimedia interest committee are the unsung heroes, the people behind-the-scenes, when it comes to publicising PERKEMAS’ event updates on its social media platforms and planning its branding. Apart from that, they also help with photo editing, video editing to help publicise the events from the other interest committees.

Though heavily tasked with the workload, they occasionally come up with beneficial content too, so stay tuned! 


In order to achieve a holistic well-being, one has to grow socially and learn to give back to his environment. That is why the Kemanusiaan interest committee strives to inculcate compassion and empathy in our POP, towards their fellow Egyptian neighbours.

Apart from fundraising for charity towards the needy here in Egypt, Kemanusiaan also explores new channels through which the POP can share kindness and empathy with their Egyptian neighbours.


The Dakwah interest committee aims to give back to the Singaporean Muslim community through education and inspiration, mainly through organising talkshows and events.

The panelists for these talkshows are usually the alumni of Al-Azhar University, who also were former members of PERKEMAS during their times.